From lab-scale to on-site pilot trials for the recovery of hemicellulose by ultrafiltration: Experimental and theoretical evaluations

Basel Al-Rudainy, Mats Galbe, Ola Wallberg
2020 Separation and Purification Technology  
Spent sulfite liquor (SSL) is a byproduct of the sulfite pulping process of wood. SSL usually contains monosugars and lignosulfonates, which are fermented to produce ethanol and dried to generate lignosulfonate salts. However, the SSL that was used in this work was derived from the first step of a 2-step sulfite pulping process of softwood under mild pulping conditions in the first stage of cooking. The resulting SSL contained polymeric hemicelluloses, which are not used today but have many
more » ... y but have many potential applications. The upconcentration of this SSL had been performed on a lab scale by ultrafiltration. However, the pilot-scale ultrafiltration of hemicellulose-rich sodium-based SSL has not been reported. Abbreviations CAD Computer-aided design CFD Computational fluid dynamics CFV Crossflow velocity GGM Galactoglucomannan LCC Lignin-carbohydrate complex LS Lignosulfonates LVR Loop volume reduction MF Microfiltration MW Molecular weight NF Nanofiltration PWF Pure-water flux RANS Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes SSL Spent sulfite liquor TMP Transmembrane pressure UF Ultrafiltration VR Volume reduction Nomenclature A m Membrane area (m 2 ) C, C2, C3, C4 and C5 RANS model constants (-) D Characteristic diameter of a flow channel (m) Greek letters µ Dynamic viscosity (Pa s) ε Turbulent dissipation rate (m 2 /s 3 ) ϑ Kronecker delta (-) ν Kinematic viscosity (m 2 /s) ν T Kinematic eddy viscosity (m 2 /s) ρ Density (kg/m 3 ) τ Reynold's stresses (N/m 2 ) ω Rotational velocity (1/s)
doi:10.1016/j.seppur.2020.117187 fatcat:jojnlbmzwrc3necq2logeug2wi