Automated Deployment of a Microservice-based Monitoring Infrastructure

Augusto Ciuffoletti
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
We explore the specification and the automated deployment of a monitoring infrastructure in a container-based distributed system. This result shows that highly customizable monitoring infrastructures can be effectively provided as a service, and that a key step in this process is the definition of an expandable abstract model for them. So we start defining a simple model of the monitoring infrastructure that provides an interface between the user and the cloud management system. The interface
more » ... llows the guidelines of Open Cloud Computing Interface (OCCI), the cloud interface standard proposed by the Open Grid Forum. The definition is simple and generic and it is a first step towards the definition of a standard interface for Monitoring Services. It allows the definition of complex, hierarchical monitoring infrastructure by composing multiple instances of two basic components, one for measurement and another for data distribution,. We illustrate how the monitoring functionalities that are defined through the interface are implemented as microservices embedded in containers. The internals of each microservice reflects the distinction between core functionalities which are bound to the standard, and custom plugin modules. We describe the engine that automatically deploys a system of microservices that implements the monitoring infrastructure. Special attention is paid to preserve the distinction between core and custom functionalities, and the on demand nature of a cloud service. A proof of concept demo is available through the Docker hub and consists of two multi-threaded Java applications that implement the two basic components.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.09.232 fatcat:4zlsytyaebgiphocgio4lfbjqa