Optimization of Multiobjective Configuration of Multienergy Microgrid Based on HMM and Typical Scenarios: A Case Study of Smart Park

Jianzong He, You Situ, Junni Su, Xin Zhang, Mude Li, Carlo Renno
2021 Mathematical Problems in Engineering  
Decentralized regional multienergy system is one of the important development directions of energy and power systems, and researching on the optimization method of multienergy microgrid configuration could provide important support for the investment income guarantee and orderly development of regional multienergy systems. Based on a park-level multienergy microgrid, this paper proposed a multiobjective optimization model for a multienergy microgrid configuration based on the typical scenario
more » ... t which was constructed by HMM. Besides, based on the actual historical data, the capacity configuration-oriented planning model and component configuration-oriented planning model were analysed and compared under different external environments. The results show that HMM has a good effect on the reduction and extraction of historical scenarios of the system. Compared with the traditional microgrid, the multienergy microgrid has better economic and emission reduction advantages. In addition, the capacity configuration-oriented planning model could reduce the investment cost by up to 62.4% compared with the component configuration-oriented planning model.
doi:10.1155/2021/5162307 fatcat:3ywlb6wnlvdh3nby3ul7f4vjxm