Vanadium Redox-Flow-Battery Electrolyte Preparation with Reducing Agents

W. Li, R. Zaffou, C. C. Sholvin, M. L. Perry, Y. She
2013 ECS Transactions  
A waste-free method was developed to prepare electrolytes using reducing agents for vanadium redox flow battery. Via this approach, both the electrolyte cost and waste can be reduced by 33% which are favored financially and environmentally. Thermodynamic-model calculations show 100% conversion on reaction between fully-charged vanadium positive solution (VO 2 + ) and oxalic acid. The kinetics on the redox reaction is discussed as well.
doi:10.1149/05307.0093ecst fatcat:xlbmmcya6jc7fcr42z2tovdkui