Plum Piece Evidence for Archaic Seasonal Occupation on Saba, Northern Lesser Antilles around 3300 BP

Corinne Hofman, Menno Hoogland
Recent investigations on the island of Saba, northern Lesser Antilles, revealed evidence of preceramic occupation in the northwestern part of the island at an elevation of approxinately 400 m above sea level. The inland location of dense midden deposits in a tropical forest environment makes the Plum Piece site unique for studying the preceramic occupation of the Antilles, a period that is otherwise mainly known from coastal settings. The recovered artifacts and the radiocarbon dates support an
more » ... attribution to the Archaic period of the preceramic Age. The nature of the tools and the restricted number of exploited food sources suggest a temporary, probably seasonal, occupation of the site for a unique activity. _____________________________________