Maternal experience of painless delivery with En2nox in women referring to Taamin Ejtemaee Hospital of Hamedan in 2009: A phenomenological study

Ghodsi, Hakemzadeh
2011 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ)   unpublished
Every year over 150 million pregnancies occur in developing countries; however, delivery is not satisfactory for some mothers and, in fact, it is a painful and frightening experience. One solution for pain relief is using En2nox gas. Because of opposite stances of people and society on En2onox, this study was done to highlight the real experiences of people and describe mothers' experiences of pain relief using En2nox. Materials and Methods: In this qualitative, phenomenological study, deep
more » ... cal study, deep interview is conducted with 30 pregnant women who chose painless delivery using En2nox at Taamin Ejtemaee Hospital. Data analysis was done via Collaizzi method. Validity and reliability were obtained noticing such measures as real value, applicability, continuity, and authenticity. Results: The reasons for choosing En2nox were being easy-to-use and having minimal side effects. Most mothers had a positive attitude towards self-administration of the method and their main satisfaction was with the reduction in pain without severe side effects following withdrawal from usage of the method. The mothers' major complaint was with dizziness following the method. Conclusion: Based on the mothers' positive experience of En2nox painless delivery, using this method with the aim of decreasing labor pain and elective cesarean is recommended. Furthermore, the use of this type of analgesia at other centers, with larger sample sizes, and in comparison with other analgesia methods is recommended.