H.B. Ann
2007 Journal of The Korean Astronomical Society  
We examine the morphology and luminosity distribution of a strongly warped spiral galaxy PGC 20348 by conducting a detailed BV I CCD surface photometry using BOAO 1.8m telescope. The radial surface brightness shows a break at warp radius (r w ) with a shallow gradient in the inner disk and a steeper gradient in the outer disk. The luminosity of east side of the disk is ∼ 0.5 mag fainter than the west side at r > r w . The reason for the asymmetric luminosity distribution is thought to be the
more » ... mmetric flarings that result in the formation of a large diffuse region at the edge of the east disk and a smaller diffuse region at the west disk. The vertical luminosity profiles show a thick disk component whose scale heights increase with increasing galactocentric distances. The warp of PGC 20348 seems to be made by the tidal interactions with the two massive companion galaxies since the flarings and radial increase of disk scale heights are thought to be general properties of tidally perturbed disks. According to the colors of the two clumps inside the diffuse region at the edge of the east disk, they seem to be sites of active star formation triggered by tidal forces from the companion galaxies.
doi:10.5303/jkas.2007.40.1.009 fatcat:fjtucz6nubb2zg2udjunjv6zoy