A Review on Workability and Strength Behavior of Self-Compacted Concrete

Kartik Valand
2017 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Infrastructure industries are an important indicator of the development of country and now a day it is very fastgrowing sector around world. For any infrastructure development, concrete play a virtual role in various structures and nonstructures elements because of its uniqueness property such as toughness, strengthening and durability etc. and in concrete cement is key material. With a current production capacity of around 366 million tonnes, India is the second largest producer of cement in
more » ... ucer of cement in the world. [6] At present scenario concrete mix design prepare for more economic and technical benefits and selfcompacted concrete (SCC) is given most significant benefits through avoidance of vibration even in congested high grid reinforcement because of its flow able property. Additionally, SCC technology has improved surface quality, strength, and durability and because of self-flowing concrete by its own weight, reduces vibration noise and improved safety. It improves the filling capacity of highly congested structural members like beam column joint in seismically active region, doublyreinforcement beams, shear walls, bridge piers and abutments, etc. Additionally, SCC technology has improved the performance in terms of hardened concrete properties like surface quality, strength and durability.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2017.11252 fatcat:bplg56hp2beidecgstp2lu4sx4