Blaj white wines characterization

Ramona Bleiziffer, Sonia Suvar, Paula Podea, Cornelia Mesaros, Monica Culea
2017 Studia Universitatis Babe?-Bolyai Chemia  
Six white wines from Blaj vineyard obtained from clone and new created varieties of grapes, have been studied. Their volatile compounds, free amino acids, free fatty acids, content in polyphenols and flavonoid, antioxidant and antityrosinasic activity were compared. The results showed few differences among the analyzed wines. The volatile extracts of wines gave very similar compounds. The major compounds were phenylethyl alcohol. All the white wines of Blaj contained a large amounts of proline
more » ... amounts of proline in comparison with the other amino acids and important essential amino acids. The fatty acids were found in very small quantities. Antioxidant activity and total content in polyphenols of wines showed that Muscat Ottonel have a very high antioxidant potential comparable with some red wines. The content in flavonoids is small in all white wines. Antityrosinasic activity of studied wine proved to be high to Blasius and Muscat Ottonel wine. The GC-MS method proved to be an excelent method for wine characterization.
doi:10.24193/subbchem.2017.3.09 fatcat:vdsfidruvjhozcr7rnrtv4terq