Optimization of Control Scheme for Large Flow Seawater Cooling System Based on FloMaster-Simulink Co-Simulation

WANG Ning, FU Yunpeng, LI Ting, LI Tie, YI Ping
2022 Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue xuebao  
Large-scale marine equipment will overheat if it works for a long time and a cooling system is necessary to be established to ensure that the equipment works in a safe range of temperature. To meet the cooling requirements of a large-scale marine equipment, a model of seawater cooling system is established in FloMaster, and simulations under dynamic conditions are conducted. According to the temperature of the coolant (glycol solution) in the front or back of the room of the heat exchanger, the
more » ... pump speed or valve opening is changed to realize automatic control of seawater flow. Three control schemes are proposed, and the control effects are evaluated by the response characteristics and operating characteristics of the system under variable working conditions using the FloMaster-Simulink co-simulation method. The results show that when the pump speed is controlled by both the open loop and closed loop, the best control effect and lower energy consumption can be achieved.
doi:10.16183/j.cnki.jsjtu.2021.023 doaj:9f447aa3a4324928b7cc038ab3de1ed8 fatcat:bq6sxayiajg4dczmdspn7i5ds4