Light emission from an ambipolar semiconducting polymer field-effect transistor

James S. Swensen, Cesare Soci, Alan J. Heeger, James G. Grote, Francois Kajzar, Nakjoong Kim
2006 Organic Photonic Materials and Devices VIII  
Ambipolar light-emitting field-effect transistors are fabricated with two different metals for the top-contact source and drain electrodes; a low-work-function metal defining the channel for the source electrode and a high-work-function metal defining the channel for the drain electrode. A thin film of polypropylene-co-1-butene on SiN x is used as the gate dielectric on an n ++ -Si wafer, which functioned as the substrate and the gate electrode. Transport data show ambipolar behavior.
more » ... ion of electrons and holes results in a narrow zone of light emission within the channel. The location of the emission zone is controlled by the gate bias.
doi:10.1117/12.644204 fatcat:vpszvfr4rvgd3iawupiwrdm5l4