DRALBA: Dynamic and Resource Aware Load Balanced Scheduling Approach for Cloud Computing

Said Nabi, Muhammad Ibrahim, Jose M. Jimenez
2021 IEEE Access  
For the last few years, Cloud computing has been considered an attractive high-performance computing platform for individuals as well as organizations. The Cloud service providers (CSPs) are setting up data centers with high performance computing resources to accommodate the needs of Cloud users. The users are mainly interested in the response time, whereas the Cloud service providers are more concerned about the revenue generation. Concerning these requirements, the task scheduling for the
more » ... s' applications in Cloud computing attained focus from the research community. Various task scheduling heuristics have been proposed that are available in the literature. However, the task scheduling problem is NP-hard in nature and thus finding optimal scheduling is always challenging. In this research, a resource-aware dynamic task scheduling approach is proposed and implemented. The simulation experiments have been performed on the Cloudsim simulation tool considering three renowned datasets, namely HCSP, GoCJ, and Synthetic workload. The obtained results of the proposed approach are then compared against RALBA, Dynamic MaxMin, DLBA, and PSSELB scheduling approach concerning average resource utilization (ARUR), Makespan, Throughput, and average response time (ART). The DRALBA approach has revealed significant improvements in terms of attained ARUR, throughput, and Makespan.This fact is endorsed by the average resource utilization results (i.e., 98 % for HCSP dataset, 75 % for Synthetic workload (improve ARUR by 72.00 %, 77.33 %, 78.67 %, and 13.33 % as compared to RALBA, Dynamic MaxMin, DLBA and PSSELB respectively), and 77 % for GoCJ (i.e., the second best attained ARUR)).
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3074145 fatcat:24yx6237sze4hcbb3lrtg5vd6y