What is External Qi in Qigong Therapy? A Hypothesis Based on Bioelectricity and Its Verification Experiments(The Sixteenth Symposium on Life Information Science)
気功の外気とは何か : 生体電気に基づく仮説とその検証実験(<特集>第16回生命情報科学シンポジウム)

Takashi AOKI
Journal of International Society of Life Information Science  
The Sixteenth Symposium on Life Information Science /lugust 29-30, 2003, Tbk},o Institute Qf 7lechnoiog)z 7bkyoss What isExternal ei in eigong Therapy? A Hypothesis Based on Bioelectricity and Its Verification Experiments :[iikashiAOKI Cottege ofEngineering, Chubu Cinivensity C4ichi, Jopanj Abstrac!: Traditional Oriental medicine includes a manual treatment called external qigong therapy. It is desirable to mechanize this manual treatmeng that is, to develop a reliable scientific apparatus
more » ... g .abllity higher than that ofthe manual treatment, This development would also relate to sorving the emission mechanism of external qi, which is only a pToposition in Orienta1 qi-ideology, The author proposed a qi-emission mechanism by considering bioelectricityl and made some apparatuses based on this proposal. Biomedical influences of multiple electromagnetic fields (including interference fields) emitted from the apparatuses were determined. Although the biomedical mfiuences were different for different kind, intensitM frequencM etc. of the components ofthe fields, all of the apparatuses produced biomedical infiuences including cure effects. It was experimentally confirTned that NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectra, viscosity coefficient, and optical absorption ofnon-living material such as mineral waters, etc, were changed by irradiation with the fields emitted from some ofthe apparatuses. These effects for living bodies and non-living material were similar to those induced by qigong therapy. Therefore, the experiment results suggested that multiple electromagnetic fields functioned like external qi,
doi:10.18936/islis.21.2_416 fatcat:pn2kpvynxjaovpa4xwqdiwnsla