Strategies for improving faculty retention: a mixed-methods study in a private medical university in Karachi, Pakistan

Fatima Zehra, Nighat Rukhsana, Ambreen Usmani
Introduction: To determine the strategies that improve faculty retention at a medical university. Methods: The mixed-method study was conducted at Bahria University Medical and Dental College, Karachi, from August to September 2020, and comprised faculty members of either gender associated either with the university or with Pakistan Navy Station Shifa Hospital. Qualitative component comprised of semi-structured interviews. Quantitative data was collected using the 35-item Faculty Retention
more » ... egies Questionnaire (FRSQ). Data was analysed using SPSS 23. Exploratory factor analysis (EFA) was done to extract the common factors influencing faculty retention. Results: Of the 182 faculty members approached, 101(56%) responded. Of them, 66(65.3%) subjects were females, 35(34.7%) were males, 46(45.5%) were aged <36 years, and 65(65.3%) were working at the university for <5 years. The factors affecting faculty retention were direct communication of departmental head with faculty, timely promotions, feedback on teaching performance to junior faculty, clear employment policies, protected research time, teaching expertise-based promotions, implementing innovative faculty ideas, scholarships for postgraduate faculty, faculty administrative positions, equal junior faculty workloads, transport provision, competitive pay-scale and faculty development workshops. Item mean was 4.143±0.380, Cronbach's alpha was 0.894 and inter-item correlation was 0.223. EFA revealed a 4-factor solution: 'institutional work support', 'faculty development', 'faculty communication' and 'faculty leadership initiative'. Conclusion: Implementing certain strategies could possibly lead to long-term faculty retention. Key Words: Faculty attrition, Faculty development, Faculty resignation, Faculty retention, Faculty turnover. Continuous...
doi:10.47391/jpma.1927 pmid:35150533 fatcat:tn34p66wgzg2jixp6hdm3bsv34