Hund's coupling driven photocarrier relaxation in the two-band Mott insulator

Hugo U. R. Strand, Denis Golež, Martin Eckstein, Philipp Werner
2017 Physical review B  
We study the relaxation dynamics of photo-carriers in the paramagnetic Mott insulating phase of the half-filled two-band Hubbard model. Using nonequilibrium dynamical mean field theory, we excite charge carriers across the Mott gap by a short hopping modulation, and simulate the evolution of the photo-doped population within the Hubbard bands. We observe an ultrafast charge-carrier relaxation driven by emission of local spin excitations with an inverse relaxation time proportional to the Hund's
more » ... coupling. The photo-doping generates additional side-bands in the spectral function, and for strong Hund's coupling, the photo-doped population also splits into several resonances. The dynamics of the local many-body states reveals two effects, thermal blocking and kinetic freezing, which manifest themselves when the Hund's coupling becomes of the order of the temperature or the bandwidth, respectively. These effects, which are absent in the single-band Hubbard model, should be relevant for the interpretation of experiments on correlated materials with multiple active orbitals. In particular, the features revealed in the non-equilibrium energy distribution of the photo-carriers are experimentally accessible, and provide information on the role of the Hund's coupling in these materials.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.96.165104 fatcat:wwkpcqi2jfb55chgz2q6n4cw44