Bitumen Emulsion Separation by Chemical Demulsification and Electrical Treatment
항유화제 및 전기장을 이용한 물/비튜멘 에멀전의 분리특성

Sang Kyum Kim, Sung Min Yoon, Sang Hun Lee, Wisup Bae, Young Woo Rhee
2013 Clean Technology  
In this study, chemical demulsification and electrical treatment methods were investigated for improving the efficiency of water separation from a water/bitumen emulsion. Two types of motor oils (GS Caltex, Deluxe Gold V 7.5 W/30 and, Hyundai gear oil 85 W/140) were used as model oils in basic experiments to investigate the effects of a demulsifier on water/oil emulsion separation. Chemical demulsifiers showing good water separation performance were then used in asphalt emulsion and bitumen
more » ... sion separation trials. Maleic anhydride and e-caprolactam were shown to be good oil soluble demulsifiers and 2-ethylhexyl acrylate and acrylic acid were effective as water soluble demulsifiers. Based on the results obtained in basic experiments, these four demulsifiers were used in further asphalt emulsion experiments. The oil soluble demulsifiers showed higher water separation efficiencies than the water soluble demulsifiers. To investigate the water separation efficiency using a combined chemical and electrical treatment method, the water/bitumen emulsion was separated with the electrical oil treatment apparatus after a chemical demulsifier had been added to it.
doi:10.7464/ksct.2013.19.2.140 fatcat:sqp43k3xkzarhlej3nnfqgi3qq