Geometrical and algebraic approach to central molecular chirality: A chirality index and an Aufbau description of tetrahedral molecules

Salvatore Capozziello, Alessandra Lattanzi
2006 Chirality  
We propose a predictive building-up of tetrahedral molecules, based on a previously derived chirality index, which characterizes a tetrahedral molecule, with n chiral centers, as achiral, diastereoisomer, or enantiomer as a function of the observed inversions (at most one for each center) under rotation and superimposition to its mirror immage. The set of rules which is identified allows the classification of the new molecule, obtained by the addition of another chiral center, by the
more » ... on of the selection rule with respect to the added center.
doi:10.1002/chir.20272 pmid:16612801 fatcat:43bxjansybgwrepstqk3dmgary