Somatic chromosomes of Chrysanthemum pulchrum (Ledeb.) Ling

Katsuhiko Kondo, Sergey V. Smirnov, Maxim Kucev, Alexandr Shmakov
2012 Chromosome Botany  
Chrysanthemum pulchrum (Ledeb.) Ling previously placed in Pyrethrum collected in (1) Russian Federation, Altai Republic, Altai Terr" Kosh-Agacz District, Vicinity of Elongash River, 49°50'03"N, 088°02'96"E, alt. 2,450 m elevation; (2) Russian Federation, Altai Repiblic, Kosh-Agacz District, Mt. Talduair, 50°09'35"N, 089°23'53"E, alt. 2,300 m showed commonly the resting nucleus of the complex chromocenter type, the prophase chromosomes of the interstitial type, the chromosome number of 2n=18,
more » ... the typical diploid karyotype with 14 median-or submedian-centromeric chromosomes (of which two had satellites) and four subterminal-centromeric chromosomes (of which 1-3 had satellites). Those chromosome characters were same as those of the diploid species previously described.
doi:10.3199/iscb.7.43 fatcat:hd2hl4ebtvefrji3fy7bjtiqfy