A faunistic account of beetles (Coleoptera) of the state of Kuwait

Wasmia Al-Houty
A total of 146 species belonging to 103 genera and 22 families from 48 locations in Kuwait, were recorded.The collected species are: one species each of Gyrinidae, Anthicidae, Chrysomalidae, Cleridae, Elateridae, Buprestidae, Nitidulidae, Silvanidae, two species each of Anobiidae, Coccinellidae, Dermestidae, Helophoridae, three species each of Cicinelidae, Histeridae, Staphylinidae, seven species of Curculionidae, eight species of Hydrophilidae, 14 species of Meloidae, 15 species each of
more » ... cies each of Carabidae, Dyticidae, 18 species of Scarabaeidae, and ®nally, 44 species of Tenebrionidae. The faunistic accounts of beetles of the State of Kuwait before and after the Iraqi invasion and the Gulf War showed changes in species types and not in species numbers, which may account in general for the impact of these events on the ecosystems of Kuwait.