Cultural information management on Thai lanna local wisdom PhaYok lamphun weaving [article]

tatsawan timakum
Cultural information is ancient knowledge of the local community. The management of cultural information is the process of knowledge and information management. The pur-pose of this article aims to present a cultural information management strategy which is based on the research of Lanna local wisdom; Pha Yok Lamphun weaving. The researcher imple-mented the SECI model to extract tacit knowledge from experts and applied a method of in-formation management to create and publish cultural
more » ... n. In-depth interview and participatory observation were employed. Finally, the researcher transformed the tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge in forms of texts, pictures and videos. Afterwards, electronic media and printed media were developed. PHP and MySQL programs were utilized to develop the web database. The iBooks Author application was used to create the media as iBooks, Pdf file and in book format entitled "Thai Lanna Local Wis-dom: Cotton Brocade Weaving of Lamphun Province" The research findings revealed that information technology was very useful to man-age local wisdom information and knowledge since IT allow learners to access and practice weaving much easier. A variety of formats including text, pictures, and video could also be a local information database for other people who are interested. Furthermore, the local wis-dom information in both electronic and printed media is valuable for preservation of local wisdom and traditional wisdom experts since they can be used as examples or guidelines for developing media of other local wisdom.
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.21476796.v1 fatcat:4bxr4l4idbclbjirdheievwlee