Wide Compensation Range and Low DC Link Voltage with A Hybrid STATCOM

M Tejasri
2017 International Journal of Scientific Research in Computer Science, Engineering and Information Technology © 2017 IJSRCSEIT   unpublished
The Production and usage of electricity are changing by considering the impact of electricity systems on environment. This is mainly due to the topological difference between the distribution and transmission system in which control of voltage and reactive power is the major issue in power system operation. Large reactive currents in transmission lines is one of the major problem which increases loses and reduces stability. This paper proposes a hybrid static synchronous compensator (crossover
more » ... TATCOM) in a three-phase control transmission system that has a wide remuneration range and low DC-connect voltage. As a result of these noticeable attributes, the system expenses can be significantly lessened.. From that point forward, a control methodology for hybrid STATCOM is proposed to permit operation under various voltage and current conditions. At last, reproduction and test comes about are given to confirm the wide pay range and low DC-interface voltage attributes and the great dynamic execution of the proposed mixture STATCOM.