The structure and function of bacterial light-harvesting complexes (Review)

Christopher J. Law, Aleksander W. Roszak, June Southall, Alastair T. Gardiner, Neil W. Isaacs, Richard J. Cogdell
2004 Molecular membrane biology  
The harvesting of solar radiation by purple photosynthetic bacteria is achieved by circular, integral membrane pigmentprotein complexes. There are two main types of light-harvesting complex, termed LH2 and LH1, that function to absorb light energy and to transfer that energy rapidly and efficiently to the photochemical reaction centres where it is trapped. This minireview describes our present understanding of the structure and function of the purple bacterial light-harvesting complexes.
doi:10.1080/09687680410001697224 pmid:15204626 fatcat:2drkuudmnrgtnalc4mlkxpjrk4