K V Korochina, T V Chernysheva, I E Korochina, S Yu Shamaev
2018 Medicinskij akademiceskij ?urnal (Meditsinskij Akademitsjeskij Journal)  
The authors present a review of literature on experimental osteoarthritis (OA) within searching for its universal model. Classification, advantages, disadvantages, methodological inaccuracies of various authorial approaches from the point of view of conformity to human disease were identified based on analysis of the array of literature. Among techniques for OA modeling traumatic techniques were in most common use; among them "local" surgical manipulations, local devascularization,
more » ... ation, intraarticular injections of chemical-and-mechanical inducers and adjuvants which were followed up by gross changes in joint structures and, probably, severe pain. The influence of age and some genetic characteristics of cartilage structure were studied during experiments on laboratory animals with modified genetic apparatus. The methods of indirect "systemic" influence on joint structures are the most advanced in simulation of non-traumatic OA; however the etiological adequacy of proposed models is debatable. The concept of searching for the "gold standard" of the experimental model of OA formed earlier requires reconsideration because the modern identification of different OA subtypes leads to the development of new approaches on its reproducing in animals with ultimate imitation of a particular phenotype.
doi:10.17816/maj1817-15 fatcat:ywuajg5gtzardbqlfkhxch6vxe