Query Optimization for XML

Jason McHugh, Jennifer Widom
1999 Very Large Data Bases Conference  
XML is an emerging standard for data representation and exchange on the World-Wide Web. Due to the nature of information on the Web and the inherent flexibility of XML, we expect that much of the data encoded in XML will be semistructured: the data may be irregular or incomplete, and its structure may change rapidly or unpredictably. This paper describes the query processor of Lore, a DBMS for XML-based data supporting an expressive query language. We focus primarily on Lore's cost-based query
more » ... ptimizer. While all of the usual problems associated with cost-based query optimization apply to XML-based query languages, a number of additional problems arise, such as new kinds of indexing, more complicated notions of database statistics, and vastly different query execution strategies for different databases. We define appropriate logical and physical query plans, database statistics, and a cost model, and we describe plan enumeration including heuristics for reducing the large search space. Our optimizer is fully implemented in Lore and preliminary performance results are reported.
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