The Active Volcano of Oshima

John Milne
1877 Geological Magazine  
Dunbar, and discussed its affinities and systematic position, which he regarded as being among the Macrurous Decapods, although the absenee of the eyes in the preserved specimens, and some other characters, rendered it doubtful whether it might not in some respects approach the Stomapoda. Its position among the Macrura seemed, however, to be established by the well-developed abdominal somites and telson. He referred the fossil to Salter's genus Anthrapaltemon, and named the species A.
more » ... pecies A. Woodwardi. 4. " On the Stratigraphical Position of the Corals of the Lias of the Midland and Western Counties of England and of South Wales." By E. F. Tomes, Esq. Communicated by K. Etheridge, Esq., F.R.S., V.P.G.S. The object of this paper was to give the precise stratigraphical position of the species of Liassic Corals collected by the author and his friends in the districts above mentioned. He noticed 41 species, of which 15 were described as new, namely:-Cyclolites Anningi, Thecosmilia longiserialis, Montlivaltia cyclolites, Thamnastraa Elheridgii, Thecocyathus mucronata, Montlivaltia papymcea, and several others to which no specific names are attached, chiefly belonging to the genus Isastrcea.
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