Wind Deflector Design and Wake Characteristics of New Type Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Renewable Power Generation

Li Zheng, Gao Menghai, Cheng Liyuan, Zhang Wenda, Sun Hexu
2020 Electrotehnică, electronică, automatică  
This paper takes a kind of nautilus isometric spiral wind turbine as prototype, and by analysing the structural and aerodynamic performance of this wind turbine, three wind deflectors with different structures are designed. The torque characteristic and wake characteristic of the wind turbine are analysed by simulation method and the influence of three different structures of wind deflector on the performance of wind turbine is compared. The results indicate that the performance of the wind
more » ... ine is improved significantly after installed the wind deflector. It provides mentality for the research method on the wind deflector of the vertical axis wind turbine. Finally, according to the wake characteristic of wind turbine, the reasonable spacing of the wind turbine cluster operation was analysed, the vertical arrangement and horizontal arrangements are designed, and the reliability of the arrangement is verified.
doi:10.46904/eea. fatcat:q4zj5mx3d5apflodhqafs763te