Fiqh Pluralism: Comprehensive Analysis of Nurkholish Madjid Ideas Regarding Hermeneutics

Ahmad Hasan Ridwan
2020 Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University  
The idea of Cak Nur (Nurkholish Madjid)in the history of Islamic thought is a complex actual problem. His ideas can be portrayed in two ways, namely pure science and applied science. In the area of "pure science," inclusive hermeneutics is a unique basis for the idea of pluralism. Inclusive hermeneutics views pluralism as a product of a new intellectual tradition. The new intellectual tradition certainly brings a change agenda in the process of the historical continuity of thought in Indonesia.
more » ... The purpose of this article is to analyze the inclusive hermeneutics of Cak Nur in the concept of fiqh pluralism. The conclusion of this article is that Cak Nur is able to conduct various discourses over the boundaries of normativity so that he can enter the universal realm. This can be seen in the discourse on religions and culture. Cak Nur can break through the barriers that exist in these two problems by trying to dialogue the meeting point of the equation. As a scholar, Cak Nur took this position so that he could sit together with other scientists from various cultures and different beliefs to dialogue and discuss a problem objectively. In the area of applied science, there is an internal influence regarding Islam. This area must be held by Cak Nur because if someone has offered a value, he will enter the element of subjectivity. In studying Islam, he became a Muslim scholar who enlightened byhis flexibility and scientific authority.
doi:10.35741/issn.0258-2724.55.1.48 fatcat:qoobeahpbvcwdgerhfxcvryrei