Hiroto TAKAGUCHI, Takaharu YAMAMOTO, Shigeki KAMETANI, Hisashi HANZAWA, Hiroshi YOSHINO, Yoshiharu ASANO, Masaya OKUMIYA, Yoshiyuki SHIMODA, Saburo MURAKAWA, Hirotosh YODA, Yuzo SAKAMOTO, Kazuaki BOGAKI (+1 others)
2014 Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)  
Because of the lack of power in Tokyo and Tohoku due to Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake that occurred on March 11, 2011, ordinance of electric power usage restrictions were triggered for the first time in 37 years. Large consumers of more than 500kW electric power contract were asked to reduce power consumption of 15%. Furthermore, since the power plant was stopped across the country, power-saving and energy-saving measures have been implemented in almost all over Japan. We conducted the
more » ... gation on the power saving conditions in the summer of 2011, in order to grasp and analyze the actual condition of power saving which commercial buildings performed. When we compared the energy consumption of the total from April to September of 2011 with 2010, about Office building, Kanto Area showed the biggest reduction of 21.4%, and when we compared the peak load of electricity of 2011 with 2010, the large office building in Tohoku Area showed the biggest reduction of 23.6%.
doi:10.3130/aije.79.795 fatcat:vl7pejw2u5enjkt72wtgyus42q