Numerical Analysis of Heat Transfer Mechanism of Thermal Runaway Propagation for Cylindrical Lithium-ion Cells in Battery Module

Zhiguo Tang, Anqi Song, Shoucheng Wang, Jianping Cheng, Changfa Tao
2020 Energies  
An electrochemical-thermal coupling model combined with an electrically connected cylindrical cell model was built to produce a structural design that prevents thermal runaway propagation of cells on the battery module. Additionally, the characteristics of different modes of heat transfer of each cell during thermal runaway propagation of the battery module in an open environment were studied by changing the spacing of adjacent cells, the solder joint area, and the cross-sectional area of the
more » ... ectrode tab. Heat conduction is usually the main heat transfer mode for cells directly connected to the thermal runaway cell, while radiation heat transfer is the main heat exchange mode for cells that are not directly connected to thermal runaway cell. Increasing spacing can prevent thermal runaway propagation by the three heat transfer modes. Similarly, a smaller total solder joint area and cross-sectional area of the electrode tab can inhibit thermal runaway propagation through heat conduction transfer modes if conditions permit.
doi:10.3390/en13041010 fatcat:o6mphazgqrhttfjzpc5hgtusiy