To Study the Effect of Liraglutide on Formalin Induced Tonic Pain in Obese and Diabetic Rabbits

M Chaudhary, Srivastava Rk
2015 Indo Global Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences   unpublished
To study the effect of Liraglutide on formalin induced tonic pain in obese and diabetic rabbits. Rabbits were divided into three categories i.e. normal, obese and diabetic. All the three categories were further subdivided into Liraglutide and Vehicle treatment groups. Rabbits were made obese by giving HFD (High fat diet) for 10 weeks. Diabetes was induced by giving Dithizone 5mg/kg i.p. Tonic pain was induced with 5% formalin given subcutaneously. Liraglutide or vehicle was given for 3 weeks
more » ... iven for 3 weeks subcutaneously. It was observed that obese rabbits showed a significantly lesser pain score as compared to normal rabbits while diabetic rabbits showed a significantly higher pain scores. Liraglutide was then given to both the group of rabbits and it was observed that Liraglutide, though produced a significant fall in body weight but decrease in tonic pain scores was not significant in obese rabbits, but in diabetic rabbits a significant decrease in pain scores was observed..