Remodeling to Powertype Pattern

Matthias Jahn, Bastian Roth, Stefan Jablonski
2013 PATTERNS   unpublished
Nowadays, models often stand as first class objects in the field of software development. That's why clarity and understandability are important markers of high quality models. Therefore, several patterns exists that can help to improve model quality. However, developing a domain specific language is affected by understanding the domain of interest which often evolves during the development of the software system. This evolution again causes the language to change either. As a consequence of
more » ... a consequence of that, meta-modeling patterns are oftentimes inserted in an existing meta-model which results in various adaptions to migrate the system into a valid state. Since the current research has not discovered any techniques to cope with a remodeling to such a pattern these adaptions have to be done manually. Focusing on this challenge, we present in this article an evolution operator that creates a powertype within an existing model and furthermore adapts the other related models simultaneously. Keywords-powertype, extended powertype, remodeling to patterns, meta-model evolution, meta-model, deep instantiation 59