Imaginarios sociales y biopolítica en la escuela: la mujer como cuerpo del delito

Leticia Arancibia Martínez, Pamela Soto García, Andrea González Vera
2016 Cinta de Moebio: Revista de Epistemologia de Ciencias Sociales  
Arancibia, L; Soto, P y González, A. 2016. Imaginarios sociales y biopolítica en la escuela: la mujer como cuerpo del delito Cinta moebio 55: 29-46 Abstract The article presents a theoretical discussion and sociological analysis about the tensions in the building of social sex/gender relationships that are at the basis of the exclusion of women within the political field. It shows contents in dispute in the production of politics, considering the weight that categories play in the relations at
more » ... global level and in the school, the attributions inside the system sex/gender, the significations in politics, and the modes in which it is subjectified, resisted and confront different logics to understand life and politics, considering the conceptual distinctions between Bíos and Zoé. This discussion allows the analysis of the imaginary institution within systematic difficulties and obstacles of political and legal kind during the post dictatorship in Chile, where based on arguments about the sex/gender system, the exclusion of women from the political field is established, limiting the development of politics that valorizes cultural diversity and human rights, accentuating discrimination and social exclusion. These shape the discussion over the modes in which the political field for women is configured, recovering the possibilities of conflict as an opening of that horizon.
doi:10.4067/s0717-554x2016000100003 fatcat:im2mfclw4zfypahx5ze7xdy33y