Peri-operative Cardiovascular Risk and the General Internist

Bruce Fisher
2014 Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine  
Peri-operative cardiovascular risk assessment and management remain important and challenging tasks for the general internist. Since the 1999 publication of the now-widely-used revised cardiac risk index assessment model, there have been further risk factor qualifiers identified and newer predictive models developed. These include patient and surgical characteristic qualifiers, biomarkers, and new predictive models for non-cardiac and vascular surgery patients. These qualifiers and models
more » ... rs and models inform improvements to our risk predictive performance and better guide our peri-operative surveillance and care. New evidence also reinforces the need for judicious and timelier preoperative consultation and medical management, and supports the targeted use of biomarker surveillance in the post-operative period to detect important but often otherwise-asymptomatic cardiovascular events. On the basis of this evidence review, the author invites discussion, debate, and the development of a more comprehensive and collaborative approach and guide to peri-operative risk assessment and management.
doi:10.19144/1911-1606.9.2.3 fatcat:6lm4qzxksfdffbjxwgsqhwfz7u