Globalization and the Democratic Turn in Iran

Masoud Ghaffari, Amir Masoud, Sharamnia
2005 unpublished
Globalization and democracy have become the most debated issues throughout the world, which, no doubt also influence Iran. This paper highlights these phenomena with respect to Iran but takes up the issue through various description and features presented by the contemporary socio-political thinkers and economists. Considering globalization, although the subject matter is very recent but Iran has been experiencing this phenomenon with the emergence of modern communication networks and economic
more » ... rowth. The democratic process had started early in 19th century but was thoroughly suppressed by the despotic regime. However, the globalization trends in 1990s have affected most of the countries and Iran too has experienced the changing mood of the people. Present study focuses on the various aspects of globalization and its influences over democracy during post-revolutionary period.