Singular 7-manifolds with G2 holonomy and intersecting 6-branes

Klaus Behrndt
2002 Nuclear Physics B  
A 7-manifold with G_2 holonomy can be constructed as a R^3 bundle over a quaternionic space. We consider a quaternionic base space which is singular and its metric depends on three parameters, where one of them corresponds to an interpolation between S^4 and CP^2 or its non-compact analogs. This 4-d Einstein space has four isometries and the fixed point set of a generic Killing vector is discussed. When embedded into M-theory the compactification over a given Killing vector gives intersecting
more » ... ives intersecting 6-branes as IIA configuration and we argue that membrane instantons may resolve the curvature singularity.
doi:10.1016/s0550-3213(02)00358-9 fatcat:fxseohrhbbgihpey75zntgv56u