A heterogeneous approach for modelling blood flow in an arterial segment

A. Di Carlo, P. Nardinocchi, G. Pontrelli, L. Teresi
2003 Simulations in Biomedicine V   unpublished
A differential model of blood flow through an arterial vessel is presented. The flow equations averaged across the wall thickness are in conjunction with the equation of the compliant wall modelled as an elastic axisymmetric membrane. Such onedimensional model describing the nonlinear fluid-wall interaction is coupled with a six compartment lumped parameter model which accounts for the global circulatory features. The full nonlinear equations are approximated by using a numerical finite
more » ... ical finite difference method on a staggered grid. Some numerical simulations show the characteristics of the wave propagation and the dependence on the relevant parameters.
doi:10.2495/bio030071 fatcat:u4bpwihohfdvtjmr6qjs3nwlxq