ANIMA D4.3 (Unofficial) - 1st Scenarios Simulation

Luis Meliveo
2020 Zenodo  
This document is the provisional unofficial version of D.4.3. It gives account of progresses made on the Virtual Communty Tool (VCT) and on validating its simulation capability. In ANIMA, flight scenarios are being defined for technologies, operational procedures and noise management actions on a number of selected airports. These scenarios are being by the VCT, taking into consideration criteria such as noise exposure, annoyance and sleep disturbance and noise-emissions interdependencies. Two
more » ... rdependencies. Two cycles of scenarios are planned through through Deliverables D6.2 (Scenario definition V1) and D6.15 (Scenario definition V2). Each of them will be computed through Deliverables D4.3 (1st scenario simulations) and 4.10 (2nd scenario simulations). It was decided to split the V1 scenarios in 2 parts: 1A: to support development of the tool chain 1B: the first full set, to support the first update of the roadmap Deliverable D6.2 was issued with a definition of scenario 1A only. The present version of D4.3 therefore only covers this first scenario, with the aim to test the tool chain. An update of this document D4.3 will be issued after the definition and simulation of scenario 1B have been finalised.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3600118 fatcat:cycacfvlizbp5fwpfby4434qmu