L. Gonella
1962 unpublished
A bstract-A description is given of a sim ple circuit used to produce n eg a tive voltage pulses up to 60 kilovolts with a portion rising with constant slope up to 10 kilovolts per m icrosecond X negative high-voltag*-pulse, the top rising with constant slope from Vj to V^, was required for an investigation of the injection properties of s conventional electron synchrotron. In order to match possible acceptance conditions of the machine it was required that Vj and be adjustable 9 between 20 and
more » ... 60 kilovolts while the slope of the top of the pulse, V, had to be adjustable between 0 and 5 kilovolts p er m ic ro s e c o n d The pulse source was required to deliver the injection gun cu rren t of 1 to 1 % am p eres, A voltage pulse meeting the *e requirem ents, Fig, la , was produced quite simply by adding a rectangular pulse and a triangular pulse at the grid of an M L -7248 high voltage W arn tetrode. The circuit is ahovi, in Fig 2
doi:10.2172/4769865 fatcat:3fjbwtp26re3tcnm55zbz7erfa