Mathematical Modeling of Antitumor Viral Vaccine Therapy: From the Experiment to the Clinic

Nina A. Babushkina, Ekaterina A. Kuzina
The paper presents the model developed to identify efficient strategies of antitumor viral vaccine introduction. These strategies are able to produce complete suppression of the tumor growth. The model was developed in MatLab-Simulink. Three efficient strategies of viral vaccine introduction were produced. It was found that the choice of the strategy depends on the tumor size at the start of the treatment, and the range of the tumor sizes for each of the strategies was identified. For the small
more » ... fied. For the small tumors, elimination of the tumor can be achieved through single-shot vaccine administration in dosages that lead to the death of tumor cells caused directly by the virus. For the big tumors that are within the threshold size, elimination of the tumor can be achieved through repeated vaccine administrations with stepwise reduction of time periods between them. For the tumors of any size, the strategy of repeated administration of the virus-based vaccine that allows stabilizing the tumor size as per the start of the treatment was defined.
doi:10.25728/assa.2020.20.3.759 fatcat:rm5f5443jbha3cjghr5vcbm3ta