Excursion to the Vale of Evesham and the North Cotteswolds

L. Richardson
1904 Proceedings Geological Association  
other trains or from different parts of the country. Friday, April Ist.-The party drove from Evesham to Broadway, a most picturesque village pleasantly situated at the foot of Broadway Hill. Leaving the brakes the members walked to the top of the hill, passing en route an exposure of the Marlstone or "rock-bed" of the Middle Lias. Mr. Richardson stated that there were several exposures of this rock along the escarpment, but that few were of interest to the palreontologist. The members, however,
more » ... would have the opportunity on the morrow of investigating one of the most fossiliferous exposures of the rock in this area. The position of the sandy clays below the Marlstone was then indicated, at the base of which it was stated springs frequently burst out, and the ground was always damp. Gorse also indicates the presence of the arenaceous shales, and indeed these bushes are often of service to the geologist, as they usually indicate the presence of a sandy deposit. Having reached the summit the members visited the large freestone quarry on the south side of the main road near the Fish Inn. Here the rock quarried is the lower portion of the Lower Freestone, and the upper part of the Pea-grit-equivalent. The latter deposit is less massive than at Temple Guiting, and the blocks of stone are frequently traversed by peculiar ramifying "borings." The ClypeuJ-and Upper Trzgonia-grits have been let down by faulting in the centre of the section presented in the south face of the quarry, and from this debris were collected Clypeus Ploti, Terebratula globata and varieties, Rhynchonella aff. hampenensis, Lima gibbosa, Pecten spp., Pholadomya Heraulti, .Myacites spp., Trigonia costata, Avicula digitata, and several other fossils. A blackish and extremely tough clayey deposit was observed lining the upper portion of the western edge of the fissure immediately above the Lower Freestone. Although its
doi:10.1016/s0016-7878(04)80044-0 fatcat:5lbdhbwh2rhuthzf2izgzncexe