Pancreatic solid-cystic papillary tumor: clinical features, imaging findings and operative management

Riccardo Casadei, Donatella Santini, Lucia Calculli, Raffaele Pezzilli, Nicola Zanini, Francesco Minni
2006 Journal of the Pancreas  
Solid-cystic papillary tumors of the pancreas are very rare and, until today, 718 cases have been reported in a review of the literature. Four patients affected by solid-cystic papillary tumors, observed in our Institute between January 1985 and July 2005, are reported. The clinicopathological, operative and survival data of this tumor were reviewed comparing our experience with a review of the literature. Solid-cystic papillary tumor have a preference for young women (age between 19-50 yrs)
more » ... show a large round, well-defined pancreatic mass(greater than 5 cm), clinically silent or with unspecific symptoms. The tumor is more frequently localized in the pancreas (80%) and is rarely a metastatic disease (20%). Surgical treatment with radical pancreatic resection of the tumor was performed in approximately 95% of the cases. In 467 patients, two-year survival was 97% (16 deaths) and 5-year survival was 95% (21 deaths). In conclusion, preoperative diagnosis of solid-cystic tumors of the pancreas is difficult but knowledge of its characteristic findings can aid in reaching a proper diagnosis. Surgery is the treatment of choice; it should be conservative in localized tumors, and aggressive, in non-localized tumors. The prognosis is very good, with long-term survival also in patients with metastases or unresectable tumors.
pmid:16407636 fatcat:dybl2guoezfdxlsdhdneokvnam