Small Scale Microbial Fuel Cells and Different Ways of Reporting Output

Ioannis A. Ieropoulos, Jonathan Winfield, John Greenman, Chris Melhuish
2010 unpublished
The present study, reports on the findings of connecting 2 stacks of 48 MFCs and the importance of maturity and acclimation for the anodic biofilms. Furthermore, an attempt is made to emphasize the importance of a universal unit for quantifying power output. Finally, this paper presents data from the smallest MFCs, specifically designed for wastewater treatment. The main aims of this study were to (1) configure a high number of small-scale MFCs (48) to run as a stack for a long period of time
more » ... -years); (2) repeat this process with a new set of MFCs configured as a stack of equal dimensions (units) and compare individual as well as stack performances of both old and new MFC, through polarization experiments under identical conditions; (3) normalize and compare the recorded power output according to the plethora of methods reported in the literature; (4) design even smaller MFCs and investigate their performance.
doi:10.1149/1.3492221 fatcat:533jrtsgcjgobc2ea26xwnze6y