Study of a STATCOM application for voltage stability evaluated by dynamic PV curves and time simulations

H. Yonezawa, T. Shimato, M. Tsukada, K. Matsuno, I. Iyoda, J.J. Paserba, G.F. Reed
2000 IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting. Conference Proceedings (Cat. No.00CH37077)  
Absttwct: In this pape~voltage stability is evaluated b-v both dynamic P V curves and time-domain simulations, considering the combined dynamic control effects of a static compensator (SZ4TCOh!) and transformer on-load-taps (OLT). The studied system is heavily loaded at hvo locations and an 80 Mvar STA TCOM is connected to improve the voltage stability of entire s~stem for a contingency of a three-terminal line outage. The resu[ts presented in this paper: (a) show that a STA TCOM can greatly
more » ... rove the voltage stability of a heavily loaded system, (b) quantl~the combined impacts of SZ4TCOM and OLT control: (c) illustrate that the margin of stability can be easily and effectively evaluated by P V curves; (d) correlate tirnedomain simulations and P V curves for a system with a STATCOM and OLT dynamic control.
doi:10.1109/pesw.2000.850196 fatcat:qwqv5a6kajfu5n6gdpjpovjyyy