A Survey on Hardware Implementations of Visual Object Trackers

Al-Hussein El-Shafie, Serag Habib
2019 IET Image Processing  
Visual object tracking is an active topic in the computer vision domain with applications extending over numerous fields. The main sub-tasks required to build an object tracker (e.g. object detection, feature extraction and object tracking) are computationally intensive. Also, the real-time operation of the tracker is indispensable for almost all of its applications. Therefore, complete hardware or hardware/software co-design approaches are pursued for better tracker implementations. This study
more » ... presents a literature survey of the hardware implementations of object trackers over the last two decades. Although several tracking surveys exist in the literature, a survey addressing the hardware implementations of the different trackers is missing. The authors believe this survey would fill the gap and complete the picture with the existing surveys of how to design an efficient tracker and point out the future directions researchers can follow in this field. They highlight the lack of hardware implementations for state-of-the-art tracking algorithms as well as for enhanced classical algorithms. They also stress the need for measuring the tracking performance of the hardware-based trackers. Additionally, enough details of the hardware-based trackers need to be provided to allow a reasonable comparison between the different implementations.
doi:10.1049/iet-ipr.2018.5952 fatcat:5qnpzd7y6bbzjfjdthe47qlnje