Experimental research on impulse coupling effect of a multi-pulse laser on an aluminum target

Qianqian Shi Qianqian Shi, Yan Zhang Yan Zhang, Kunpeng Wang Kunpeng Wang, Chenglin Wang Chenglin Wang, Peng Zhao Peng Zhao
2018 Chinese Optics Letters (COL)  
Impact and torsion pendulums are applied in impulse coupling experiments of high-energy laser irradiation of space debris. It is difficult to achieve a multi-pulse experiment and thus hard to analyze the multi-pulse impulse coupling effect. Here, we designed a new recoil impulse experimental measurement system of non-contact, multidegrees of freedom, and multi-pulse irradiation. The system used a low-pressure and low-temperature vacuum chamber to simulate the space environment, the pinning
more » ... t of magnetic levitation to achieve aluminum target suspension, and high-speed cameras to record the displacement over time to calculate the impulse of the target. Then the impulse coupling experiment of multi-pulse laser irradiation on the aluminum target was performed. The result shows that the multi-pulse impulse coupling effect is not the linear accumulation of coupling results by every single-pulse and multi-pulse coefficient that decreases with the increase of the number of pulses, and eventually stabilizes as the decrease gets smaller.
doi:10.3788/col201816.121401 fatcat:44utwoqrmzeqbhfs5mhv3nzgxa