Pulse Wave Reflection in Supine and Standing Healthy Young and Elderly

S.C.A.T. Davis, B.E. Westerhof, L.W.J. Bogert, N. Westerhof, J.J. van Lieshout
2009 Artery Research  
These findings indicate that normal/high CIMT values were present in both populations. Individual risk factors were only significantly correlated to risk factors if P was present. Conclusion: assessment of only a CIMT in a population group above 45 years old does not add much to the standardized SCORE risk factor stratification. If a P is present, the addition of a measurement of CIMT plus P has incremental value to manage the subclinical disease in clinical practice. These findings underscore
more » ... indings underscore that in subclinical disease several frames should be assessed to maximize quality. CIMT alone adds little value to a SCORE measurement procedure. Summary: 1.Plaque assessment seems a critical component to manage disease in clinical practice to provide incremental value in addition to SCORE and CIMT alone. 2. Multiple frames should be assessed to maximize yield on image quality. P9.09 LARGE ARTERY FUNCTION AND VENTRICULAR ARTERIAL COUPLING DURING PROLONGED BED REST Background: prolonged circulatory unloading associated with headdown tilt bed rest (HDTBR) is followed by cardiovascular deconditioning. Aim of the study was to investigate to what extent large artery function and arterial-ventricular coupling (VA) are involved. Methods: ten healthy male volunteers (age 23 AE 2) were studied before and after a 35-day HDTBR. Left ventricular (LV) volumes were investigated by echocardiography; carotid diameter and intima media thickness were assessed by high resolution ultrasound (Q-IMT, Esaote Europe). Contour Wave Analysis, performed by tonometer (PulsePen, DiaTecne, Milan Italy),
doi:10.1016/j.artres.2009.10.130 fatcat:prjqsa2omvf4pnhswihr7sqis4