Candidate Genetic Risk Factors of Stroke: Results of a Multilocus Genotyping Assay

W. Lalouschek, G. Endler, M. Schillinger, K. Hsieh, W. Lang, S. Cheng, P. Bauer, O. Wagner, C. Mannhalter
2007 Clinical Chemistry  
Epidemiological studies indicate that genetic factors play a role in the risk of stroke, particularly in younger individuals, but the role of single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) is controversial. We tested the possible association of a number of previously described SNPs with stroke risk. Methods: We investigated the prevalence of 60 polymorphisms located in 35 genes in 450 white patients who suffered an acute stroke or transient ischemic attack before the age of 60 years and in 817 healthy
more » ... ontrol individuals by a multilocus PCR-based assay. The controls were randomly selected from attendees of a health service program. Genetic variations were detected by hybridization to nylon strips (Roche Molecular Systems) containing detection oligonucleotides for the SNPs. We used P values of <0.05 for confirmatory analysis of the SNPs in the genes for APOE (allele 4), angiotensin converting enzyme, factor V, prothrombin, and methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. To account for multiple testing we defined a P value of <0.001 as statistically significant for all exploratory tests. The genes represented in the test panel by more than 1 SNP were also evaluated by haplotype analysis. Results: Frequencies of all 60 tested SNPs among patients and controls were very similar. No SNP reached an odds ratio of 2, and no association with stroke risk was statistically significant. Conclusions: Our results do not indicate a clinically relevant role of any of the investigated SNPs for stroke risk in individuals hospitalized for ischemic stroke/ transient ischemic attack before or at 60 years of age. These results are in accordance with previous metaanalyses showing at most a very modest or no significant effect of these SNPs on stroke risk.
doi:10.1373/clinchem.2006.073494 pmid:17317888 fatcat:3v2dxexflvfgvghdsbx2u4jomq