Direct Methods in Crystallography. M. M. Woolfson. Oxford University Press, New York, 1961. viii + 144 pp. Illus. 30s

V. Vand
1962 Science  
Most of the volume, however, is devoted to more recent time. In this part, which begins with a charming and informative address by Richard Bright, passes to the profound and visionary ideas of Billroth, and on through Pepper and Welch and Osler to the present day, the minds of thoughtful teachers are paraded to edify those of us who are too confident that we have found something new. American readers will be particularly grateful that a lengthy excerpt from John Morgan's "Discourse upon the
more » ... itution of medical schools in America" has been included. By gathering together these documents and the accompanying biographic concordance, Wartman has done a particular service for medical teachers who seek some rule against which to measure themselves, but it is surely not they alone who will find in this small volume a rich lode.
doi:10.1126/science.136.3512.252-a fatcat:gdwqcy5kbnbzrjpobx3ibiyvjq