Instrument for Measuring Fibers

1873 Scientific American  
INSTRUKENT :rOR KEASURING l!'IBERS. J. BoLm communicates to the IndUBtrie BlIitter particulars of an instrument invented by him for measuring the diame. ters of fibers of wool, silk, and substances of a similar na. ture. The method of cutting across the fiber cannot be reo lied on, as it is almost impossible to make the cut perfectly vertical, and the slightest deviation towards obliquity will give an erroneous result. A better mode is to stretch the fiber to get rid of the kinks, and to turn
more » ... inks, and to turn it on its axis, as it were, under a microscope, so that the variations in its diam· eter may be distinctly observed, and measured with the mi crometer; its whole length, also, should be passed under the object glass. For this purpose, an ingenious little instrument hae been constructed by Mr.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican03081873-150 fatcat:gtubaejqdvcgrjqon74ps77y4m