Come si traduce in polacco la perifrasi verbale stare per + infinito

Małgorzata Nowakowska, Uniwersytet Pedagogiczny w Krakowie
2019 Italica Wratislaviensia  
PoliSH traNSlatioNS oF tHE italiaN VErBal CoNStrUCtioN stare per + iNFiNitiVE abstract: The Italian verbal construction stare per + infinitive expresses the prospective aspect. This aspectual meaning can be defined in terms of Reichenbach's theory (1947), which makes use of three points: E (the point of the event), S (the point of speech), and R (the point of reference). The prospective meaning appears when R precedes E and when the position of S is not important. The author of the article
more » ... of the article examines the possible ways of translating the Italian construction stare per + infinitive into Polish. Unlike Italian, this Slavic language does not have special grams that convey the prospective meaning. Amongst the possible Polish translations, the construction seems to express best the prospective meaning of the Italian stare per + infinitive. Still, this Polish construction has two other readings: a modal one and an evidential one. infinitive How to reference this article Nowakowska, M. (2019) . Come si traduce in polacco la perifrasi verbale stare per + infinito. Italica Wratislaviensia, 10(1), 155-177.
doi:10.15804/iw.2019.10.1.7 fatcat:4rfrcqx2inelnclku22onsmb7m